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June 2019

Better sorting is a task for everyone

That’s how we, at Brussels Airport, are trying to reduce the amount of residual waste at our airport.

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We collect 15 truck loads of waste per day

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With 24,000 employees and 70,000 passengers passing through daily, the airport collects around 15 truck loads of waste - plastic bottles, food remains, old paper, etc. - every single day. All this waste does not end up in the proper waste bin, and this means that waste cannot always be recycled. What’s more, the many foreign travellers are not familiar with the Belgian sorting system. The Belgian passengers, on the other hand, are not always fully aware of the possibilities of sorting waste when they are on the move.

That is why on 25 June 2019, Brussels Airport Company, FostPlus, the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM) and 22 airport partners (see logos below) signed the Brussels Airport Waste Charter in which they commit to achieving clear targets regarding waste reduction, maximum reuse and maximum recycling.

An audit will then be carried out at each of these airport partners and a tailor-made action plan will be drawn up. Brussels Airport Company will be responsible for the coordination between the various partners and for monitoring the actions. FostPlus will be assisting all partners with advice and the necessary support for training.

In the past, we worked closely with FostPlus to adapt the waste bins in the terminal and the piers in such a way that sorting became child's play, even for passengers who are less familiar with the concept of ‘selective collection’. This led to a significant improvement in the correct collection of PMD (Plastic bottles and containers, Metal packaging and Drink cartons).

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