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Air emissions

Air quality and energy policy are closely linked, since reducing the consumption of fossil fuels decreases gas emissions into the atmosphere. That’s why we are making considerable efforts to improve our energy policy, and why we are encouraging the airlines to take steps to limit their impact on the environment.


Brussels Airport is working together with the airlines and the public authorities to reduce the noise pollution of aircraft as much as possible.


Brussels Airport encourages sustainable mobility, which means more public transport, more bikes and more ecological cars.


Brussels Airport is eliminating the historical soil contamination on its grounds. Our work is almost done, and around 95% of our soil is now clean.


Every day, the airport treats the sanitary waste water of around 50 000 passengers and visitors and 350 arriving aircraft. And in winter, the de-icing water from airplanes also goes to the airport’s water treatment plant.


The airport opts for more renewable energy and for a reduction in energy consumption; we consume around 10% less energy compared to 2010.


From restaurant staff to cleaning teams: the active involvement of all partners at the airport is a central element in our waste policy.


A large part of the airport grounds – around 520 hectares – is not built-up, and these areas are managed so as to ensure maximum biodiversity.

Photo of Passport

Certified sustainable construction at Brussels Airport

Passport and Gateway, the two new office buildings at Brussels Airport, both have a BREEAM certificate, with the rating respectively of “very good” and “excellent” ...

Photo of CEM Brussels Airport

Strong on sustainability together

Unity is strength: a motto we also subscribe to at Brussels Airport. Indeed, aligning efforts and collectively generating sufficient clout is vital ...

Photo of Ninatrans

Full speed ahead for Ninatrans

Ninatrans is operating in our cargo zone. The haulier transports air cargo by road. In 2018, Ninatrans is writing a new “green” chapter in its history ...


Weeds at the airport

Nobody likes weeds. And at the airport we do everything possible to weed out the weeds in crucial locations ...


New pumping station: separate rainwater drainage and waste water treatment by Aquafin

Since September, a pressure sewer system has been in use in the north area of the airport. This allows the waste water and rainwater to be drained separately from the airport ...


Biodiversity at the airport

In the coming 3 years, Brussels Airport will be making additional efforts to increase the biodiversity on the airport grounds ...


Working towards carbon neutrality

Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions. Thanks to investments in our energy policy and the initiation of projects with external partners ...


The sustainable development of the cargo zone in 5 questions

Brussels Airport’s cargo zone is Belgium’s 2nd most important logistics hub and a crucial driver of economic growth ...


A completely new fleet on CNG by 2025

Brussels Airport has about 250 service vehicles − supplemented by 100 special vehicles such as fire engines ...

2 new cycle routes to the airport


De-icing water is not wasted

In freezing weather, we de-ice planes before take-off. The de-icing process uses chemical products and water … so where does the ...


4 major decontamination projects at the airport

The last decades, Brussels Airport is investing heavily in the remediation of contaminated grounds. Take a look at the ...


Awareness campaign for African passengers

Some 31 tonnes of animal waste and leaking luggage were seized and destroyed in 2017. Why? Confusion about legislation and ...


Qualified beekeepers in our own personnel

Meet the 7 Brussels Airport Company employees who have obtained beekeeper certificates in order to care for the ...


Two new fire stations to self-generate energy

Fire in a terminal? Or a bird strike? Then the fire brigade must respond instantly. As of October 2018, the Brussels ...


Aviapartner is planting trees in Spain & driving electrically at Brussels Airport

In 2017, Aviapartner committed to emitting 14% less CO2 by 2025. The handling provider made that promise within the scope ...


The first hybrid taxis have arrived

Unitax, the Zaventem taxi company, has been active around the airport for about 40 years. And from now on, it will continue to ...


Sustainable commuting for 3 months

You only know if it works when you have done it yourself. That’s why Brussels Airport gave all its employees the opportunity to ...


Eco-driving: more eco-friendly on the road

Brussels Airport is making great efforts to encourage sustainable commuter traffic. So, we have our own train station, the cycling ...

On board our 30 new e-buses


Rail traffic is firmly on the rise

As there are no problems with tailbacks, parking stress or road works, taking the train to Brussels Airport is becoming ...

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