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November 2018

Biodiversity at the airport

No big deal? Really?
On the contrary: a very Green Deal!

  • Biodiversity

In this way, we again prove that BAC really does have a future-driven and sustainable corporate vision

500 hectares

In the coming 3 years, Brussels Airport will be making additional efforts to increase the biodiversity on the airport grounds. For this, Christel Vandenhouten (Head of Sustainable Development) signed a voluntary agreement between Brussels Airport Company and the Government of Flanders.

Foto van Christen Vandenhouten

Christel Vandenhouten
Head of Sustainable Development

More specifically, it concerns the “Green Deal Companies and Biodiversity”, a greening project initiated by Minister Joke Schauvliege. Some 110 companies in Flanders are committed to providing more nature-friendly corporate greenery by September 2021. This must contribute to a healthier environment and consequently to the well-being of all employees.

'In this way, we again prove that Brussels Airport Company really does have a future-driven and sustainable corporate vision,' says Christel proudly. 'We are committed to a continual increase in the biodiversity at the airport'

Currently, 500 hectares of the airport’s total area (1,245 hectares) are undeveloped, Directives on green management are currently being drawn up, taking into account the security provisions concerning air traffic. This will result in a step-by-step and measurable action plan, tailored to the airport.

Brussels Airport has already implemented numerous initiatives in the area of environmental awareness, including maintaining a bee population, drawing up a forest management plan, the collaboration with Natuurpunt, etc.

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