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November 2019

Brussels Airlines puts an end to paper newspapers

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The aviation sector is constantly looking for new ways to reduce their ecological footprint. For airlines, the priority is their carbon emissions. If they want to bring those down, they will have to cut their fuel consumption. They do this by replacing older aircraft with energy-efficient ones, but also by avoiding unnecessary weight. For the lighter the aircraft’s load, the less fuel it needs. Little savings soon add up.

A message well understood by Brussels Airlines. Since 27 October 2019, passengers on our home carrier are no longer given a printed newspaper, but they can instead download a digital version of their favourite daily.

Every day, Brussels Airlines operates around 250 flights, and these are good for 2,600,000 newspapers a year. By doing away with the paper copies, the carrier reduces its load by 115 tonnes per year. That results in fuel savings of around 11 tonnes of kerosene and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 35 tonnes. Moreover, fewer trees need to be felled.

Good for the climate and for the wallet. A win-win situation!


2,600,000 Icon a year
Icon load reduction
-11 tonnes
Icon   -35 tonnes

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