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July 2020

CHP: a good example of sustainable co-creation

  • Energy

-25% primary energy demand/m2 by 2030

As part of our objective to reduce our primary energy demand/m² by 25% by 2030, we have chosen to add a combined heat and power installation (CHP) to our heating plant. This plant feeds a whole heat network to which many buildings at the airport are connected.

During the heating season, we not only produce heat to heat airport buildings from the same quantity of natural gas, but we also generate our own electricity at the same time.

Installing cogeneration at an airport is no easy task. Thanks in part to the expertise of Engie, who was responsible for the construction of the installation, and of Encon, who took care of the feasibility study and the engineering, we were able to successfully install cogeneration.

Watch the video here.

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