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July 2018

more eco-friendly on the road

Save up to 20% on fuel

  • Mobility
  • Emissions
Participant Katrien Glorieux

Launching our Drivolution

Brussels Airport is making great efforts to encourage sustainable commuter traffic. So, we have our own train station, the cycling paths around the airport are being systematically expanded, and we’re actively promoting the use of alternative means of transport.

And yet, most of our employees get into their car every morning. Fortunately, they too can contribute to more sustainable mobility by participating in an 8-week pilot programme that we’ve launched in cooperation with our external partner Drivolution. What’s it all about? Economical and safe eco-driving.

30 employees had their driving style evaluated

From driving to eco-driving

Eco-driving means adjusting your driving style to consume as little fuel as possible. You can save up to 20% on fuel, and you reduce the risk of fines and accidents as well. A real win-win!

All Brussels Airport employees were given the opportunity to have their personal driving style evaluated by means of a dongle − a smart device that measures and analyses your driving style in an objective manner.

An improvement plan for every driver

After two weeks, the participants received a personal report based on the number of journeys, kilometres, average speed, rpm and cornering. The report contained tips & tricks for making rapid progress.

After four weeks, there was an online conversation with a professional eco-driving coach from Drivolution. After six weeks, our eco-drivers received their long-awaited final report − and, during the last two weeks, they could immediately put the report’s conclusions into action.

Become an eco-driver

Our employees greeted the tips, analyses and coaching sessions with great enthusiasm! You too can adjust your driving style to save fuel and make our roads safer.

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