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July 2018

Qualified beekeepers in our own personnel

3 queens and 150,000 worker bees under the care of 7 colleagues

  • Biodiversity

We’ve installed 3 beehives on the airport’s property − good for 3 queens, 15,000 male bees and 150,000 worker bees. Seven Brussels Airport Company employees have obtained beekeeper certificates in order to care for the valuable insects with the support of a number of colleagues.

The bee population is in free fall worldwide, with dramatic consequences for nature and food production. To give nature a helping hand, we installed 2 behives in 2014 and a third in 2017. During the bee season (from February to October), the insects require extra attention. And from now on, they’ll receive it from seven Brussels Airport Company employees.

In 2015, they started their beekeeping training, and they were awarded their certificates in 2017. The training included both theory and practice and was delivered by Royal Gardener Corneel Dewindt from NEMEC. When you think of bees, you naturally think of honey! Our tireless workers produced 30 kilograms last year, which were distributed to − and savoured by − our colleagues.


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