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January 2019

Strong on sustainability together

Collaborate for a more efficient environment management

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Unity is strength: a motto we also subscribe to at Brussels Airport. Indeed, aligning efforts and collectively generating sufficient clout is vital, particularly when it comes to a topic as sensitive as sustainability. To that end, five airport partners have signed a collaboration agreement which should enable us to achieve faster and improved results on environmental performance.

Being operationally effective whilst simultaneously considering the impact of our activities on the environment remains a difficult balancing act. Nevertheless, Brussels Airport is devoting non-stop attention to this area, as evidenced by the signing of the so-called CEM agreement (Collaborative Environmental Management). The signatories represent five major airport partners: Brussels Airport Company, Skeyes (the former Belgocontrol), Brussels Airlines, TUI Fly and DHL Express.

Three environmental priorities

CO2 emissions, noise reduction and local air quality are the critical focus areas of our airport's sustainability policy. The various operational partners have been collaborating on this for some time, and that cooperation is now being formalised and streamlined in order to achieve more efficient environmental management. In concrete terms, CEM ensures that the partners’ experts meet on a quarterly basis for the purposes of research and the implementation of joint initiatives.

International recognition

European air traffic controller, Eurocontrol, developed the CEM concept and thus fully support the signing of this agreement by the five Brussels Airport partners. ACI Europe (the International Council of Airports) is also extremely enthusiastic about Brussels Airport joining the initiative.

More info: https://www.brusselsairport.be/pressroom/brussels-airport-partners-strengthen-environmental-cooperation/

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