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July 2018

Promoting sustainable commuting

Sustainable commuting for 3 months

  • mobility
  • emissions
Initiative-takers: Hannelies Slabbynck and Geja Aldenkamp

Biking is much more pleasant than sitting in the car. Especially if you can ride via traffic-free roads.


You only know if it works when you have done it yourself. That’s why Brussels Airport gave all its employees the opportunity to test alternative means of transport, for free, for 3 months.


Healthy, relaxing, and at your own pace − in September 2017, our colleagues tried commuting by bicycle. In collaboration with the Flemish Brabant province, we provided 34 electric, folding, and carrier bikes for free for a month − complete with bicycle bags, smartphone holder, technical assistance and insurance.

In good weather, our 34 colleagues jumped on their bikes in the morning to ride to the airport and quickly pass by traffic jams. 63% of the participants are now considering taking the bicycle more often.


No traffic jams, no parking problems, and time to read or work. During October 2017, our employees could take the train, tram, metro and/or bus free of charge to Brussels Airport. With an average satisfaction score of 7 out of 10, the feedback was predominantly positive.

And our colleagues who come to work by train all year long? Upon simple request, they received a free weekend ticket for their progressive vision on mobility. Congratulations!


All of our colleagues could apply to come to work one day in November for free with an electric or hybrid car. The 36 lucky ones were able to choose either an electric BMW i3 or a hybrid version of a Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Golf or Audi A3 from our leasing partner Athlon.

Yes, there is still work to be done on the charging infrastructure in Belgium, and the limited travel range requires drivers to plan well − but still, 7 of the 36 participants are considering buying an electric car themselves.

The cars drive smoothly, are very quiet and less harmful to the environment.

The impact of our mobility policy

20% of our employees who are entitled to a company car opted for alternative mobility options to replace, or supplement, their company car. The train remains by far the most popular alternative, convincing 71% of the participants. Some 20 drivers opted for a more remote parking space − to free up budget for public transport − and 10 are now riding their bicycles to work.

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