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November 2018

Weeds at the airport

a thorny issue

  • biodiversity

Nobody likes weeds. And at the airport we do everything possible to weed out the weeds in crucial locations. Because let’s be honest: a runway covered with flourishing thistles would not leave a particularly reassuring impression.

In our weed policy, we want to use herbicides as little as possible - the legislation about this is becoming increasingly strict. Currently, the use of herbicides is only permitted for vegetation along the runways (e.g. to the signalling signs or lines, nets for litter), and also along the fencing around the airport.

In the meantime, we are constantly looking for alternative solutions. For example, the fencing along the ring road is being modified. From a security point of view, it is important that the fencing is kept free of weeds, so that holes or weak spots can be identified quickly.

In practical terms this means that we are erecting the fencing on concrete blocks, so that the weeds can’t grow against the wire. We regularly deploy sweeping trucks at the airport to ensure that fresh weeds do not have the chance to proliferate.

And wherever possible, we integrate boards with round edges (so without corners) when resurfacing takes place. In addition, holes for uprights are filled in and gutters are laid which are easy to clean. So you see, we are already doing our bit to combat weeds at the airport without having to resort to herbicides.

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